10 Tips for Looking Fashionable and Professional During a Job Interview

On January 27, 2017

Landing a job interview can be an exciting prospect during your career search. After sending out hundreds of resumes and writing tons of cover letters, when you finally get an interview, you’ve got to make yourself stand out among the other candidates. Dressing professionally for an interview is a solid strategy, but you should also try to show off some of your great taste in fashion. Here are 10 methods to making yourself look great during a job interview.

1. Get Your Clothes Tailored

No matter what you choose to wear for the big interview, one tip to help make yourself look your best is to get your clothes tailored. Getting things tailored will help you make your outfit more custom for your shape. Wearing items that are a perfect fit can help you present yourself more professionally.

2. Go With Dark Pants or Skirts

While you do want to show off your personality a bit, you should still stick to traditional looks for your base outfit. The safest bets for your bottoms are dark pants or a dark skirt. Make sure your skirt is an appropriate length to give yourself a more professional demeanor. Pants should fit well, being neither too tight or too loose.

3. Choose Something Comfortable

Next, it’s also essential to choose an outfit that you’re comfortable in. While it’s not a good idea to wear jeans or other casual wear to a job interview, you do need to make sure you can move comfortably in your chosen interview outfit. Practice wearing it around the house to make sure you feel confident in it.

4. Wear a Smart Blazer

Blazers are a great option to keep your look fashionable and professional for your job interview. Instead of a loose fitting variety that is more often seen in men’s suiting, go for a more feminine and form-fitting style. Keep your colors muted to go with the conservative tone that most interviews demand.

5. Focus on Interesting Accessories

While your base interview outfit may be a dark and conservative color, you don’t have to completely sacrifice your fashion for this important part of your job search. Select a few choice accessories to help make yourself stand out more as an individual. A smart infinity scarf or some sophisticated jewelry can look great.

6. Keep Nails Looking Great

You also need to make sure your nails and hands are well groomed. Opt for a fresh chic French manicure with well-moisturized hands and nails. Keep fingers and nails clean so you come across as a capable individual in your interview.

7. Pair Your Outfit With a Briefcase

Another great accessory to include is a smart briefcase. Choose a briefcase in sleek black leather or some other material that matches your interview outfit. Keep extra copies of your resume inside of it just in case.

8. Style Your Hair Simply

Your hairstyle matters in an interview as well. Make sure your hair is not colored in any unusual way, and choose a simple, professional style. It’s best to pull your hair back into a neat bun or low ponytail if it’s long. Short hair can get a nice blowout to keep your hair in place and looking great.

9. Opt for Boots

If you’re looking for a way to bring some subtle fashion into your interview session, you can individualize your uniform professional look with some great shoes. While simple pumps are always a safe choice, the best type of shoe to choose is one that could work with your outfit. Try to mix it up with a pair of sophisticated ankle booties. These short boots make a great fashion addition to any outfit.

10. Wear a Natural Makeup Style

Finally, don’t forget your makeup style when going in for an important interview. Don’t try any new techniques or use any new products during that day. Instead, stick with a natural makeup look that simply enhances the features of your face. A pale lip gloss and some eye makeup may be all you need.

If you have a top interview scheduled for a coveted job, make an impression with a fashionable and professional appearance. Use smart details in your choice of outfit, accessories, and shoes to put your best foot forward during your job search.

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