10 Ways to Make Your 2017 Summer Outfits Pop Using Necklaces

On July 10, 2017

Summer is definitely here, and if you’ve been waiting a long time to start rocking your favorite summer fashion, you’ll want to make every outfit something that is truly special and fun to wear!

Whether you are all about casual, beach style, are putting together beautiful outfits for summer weddings, or planning what to wear for glamorous parties on those hot summer nights, getting the accessories right can be what makes the difference between a nice outfit, and a perfect one. One of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to add accessories and complete your summer outfits is with jewelry. Here, we are going to look specifically at necklaces, and some of the ways you can pair them with summer fashion to customize your look and take your outfit up a gear!

Necklaces are great because they are quick and easy to throw on, and you can never have too many! From cute, cheap fashion pieces to high end bling, necklaces are also easy to use for accessorizing no matter what budget you have and what kind of style you like best. From punk to haute couture, hippy to retro, you can find some amazing pieces that can add some interest, contrast or delicacy to all kinds of outfits. Here are 10 ideas around necklaces for summer 2017:

Add Some Edgy Elegance with a Choker

In fashion terms, chokers tend to come and go, and at the moment, they are a fashionable option to pair with streetwear for an edgy look, or with more formal clothes for a more classically elegant look with a hint of rock. How the choker fits with your outfits depends a lot on what it is made of and how it is designed. Lace chokers in pale colors offer a cute, almost Victorian style look that is girly and pretty, and can look good with strapless summer party dresses, for example for weddings and other more formal events. In darker colors and with metal embellishments, chokers have a more gothic look that can work well with a little black dress or a more punky pairing of a distressed tee and denim mini or shorts. Go for leather rather than lace for a biker look that can add some cool contrast to your floaty sundresses.

Look Whimsical and Cute with a Statement Locket

A locket necklace can be a great accessory because it can be something really unique that you can wear as part of your own signature look, pairing it with all your clothes as you might a charm bracelet or ring that says something about you. A locket has a beautiful, nostalgic look about it, and of course a sense of mystery as people wonder what you are keeping close to your heart! Of course, some people don’t actually have anything inside their lockets and simply wear them because they like the cool, chunky style these pieces can have, or the vintage look of old fashioned oval or heart shaped lockets. Choose a locket that suits your personal style and it will look adorable with just about anything you wear this summer!

Add Boho Flair with Feathers

Wispy feathers can add some pretty detail to your look, and if you love natural materials, then they can be a fantastic theme for your necklace. You can even make your own feather statement necklaces if you are feeling crafty! Feathers are, of course, quite delicate, so keep feather jewelry for specific outfits to get the most wear out of them.

Surf Glamor with Leather Thong Necklaces

Nothing makes you look summery quite like adopting some surfer style! Consider wearing casual leather thong necklaces with your beach wear and messy, windswept hair for a casual, relaxed look that is also pretty and stylish. Choose leather braids, fringes, or leather necklaces with beads or metal pendants to create your own look. Another great thing about this kind of jewelry is that it usually isn’t the end of the world if you accidentally forget to take it off before you go in the water – it may go a bit stiff but should still look good. If you love the look, but are vegan and so don’t wear leather, look for necklaces made using imitation leather which should also be fairly durable, and will give you the same cool, laid back look.

Colorful Retro Love Beads

Do you adore the styles of the sixties and seventies? Colorful love beads can be a great way to add some of the cool flower power feel to your outfit without looking like you are in costume for a theme party. Wear them long and pair them with summery maxi dresses and sandals for a cute look.

Customize Your Style with a Charm Necklace

Charm bracelets have been having something of a revival lately, but for some people, having all those charms and beads dangling around the wrist can be a bit uncomfortable. Charm necklaces give you an alternative way to wear charms, and can allow you to express your life, passions and interests in the same unique way, only with pendants or charm beads set in a necklace or choker.

Bold Geometric Shapes

If you like necklaces that make a statement, but don’t like things that look too fussy or busy, then consider wearing a necklace with one or two bold geometric shapes suspended from it. This looks best in a single color or color pair, and can look especially cool in black and white, with black and white circles, triangles or other shapes giving that Mary Quant look. Wear these styles with something pattern free, like a simple white tee or block color dress, so the shape draws the eye. Of course, this style of necklace can also give you a great way to add a color accent to an outfit, and you can go as bold as you like, even with neon or acid tones.

Delicate, Feminine Pendants and Chains

In contrast to necklaces that make a bold statement, sometimes an outfit needs a little something at the neck, but you don’t want to unduly distract attention from the dress or top. In this case, fine, delicate chains in silver or gold with sweet, delicate pendants can be a lovely choice. You can go for something traditional here like a cross or St. Christopher medal, or choose a very delicate charm style pendant that represents something you like, or something from nature like a star or seashell. If you want, you can add extra prettiness by choosing a pendant with a small stone to add sparkle! You may find you already have some simple pendants like this, as they are quite often given as gifts – you may even have some from your childhood you haven’t considered wearing for years that could add a pretty touch to a special outfit, as well as helping you feel connected to the person who gave them to you!

Chunky, Interesting Wood

Wood can be a great material to play with in your jewelry, as wooden pieces can be quite cheap but make a lot of impact. Whether you go for wooden beads painted or carved with pretty designs, or chunky, tribal style designs with different shapes and patterns, you can create some fantastic looks. Wood that hasn’t been painted tends to pair well with most colors, though this style looks best with casual or boho outfits rather than formal or party styles, where it can look a little out of place.

Minimalist Metal

If you prefer a sharper, less natural look, then metal can also be used in lots of interesting ways for bold effects. Chunky single pieces of metal in the form of collars can look stunning with strapless dresses, and you can choose a metal color that suits your skin tone from copper, silver, gold, or rose gold. Naturally, you don’t have to fork out for the real thing for jewelry you just want to wear on certain occasions with specific dresses, so look out for plated pieces. You can also look for necklaces made from steel and even titanium for a more unorthodox, industrial look that can provide some cool contrast to feminine looks. Additionally, you can look for chunky chains that look great with casual clothes, in your favorite metal.

These are just ten of the ways to accessorize with necklaces this summer, and in many cases, these ideas are quite timeless ones that may serve you well for future seasons, too.

Choosing natural materials like wood, leather and feathers or going for plastic love beads can give you some inexpensive items to play around with in different combinations. Whereas opting for some of the more expensive styles listed here, like lockets and charm necklaces, can give you some pieces you can treasure for years and wear with just about anything.

Accessories are ultimately supposed to be fun to wear and give your outfits that finishing touch that makes them unique. So, enjoy shopping for, and wearing, necklaces of all different types and styles!

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