11 Ways to Add Edge to Your Style

On May 16, 2017

Most of us are creatures of habit. Once we find a look that works for us, we unconsciously stick to it. But with time, looks start to get boring to you and those around you. However, it is possible to spruce up your style and add a little edge with a few adjustments. Here are ten fashion tips that can help add some edge to your style.

1) Match Clothes Differently

Although they look boring now, the clothes in your wardrobe are all you need to create an edgy new look. Simply match them in ways you have never tried before, and do so a few times every week. Start by using contrast. For instance, pair vests with leggings, or large sweaters with skinny jeans. Also, try to mix bold prints. By finding different ways to match the clothes you already have, you’ll revamp your wardrobe – and look – without spending a dime.

2) Wear Dark Colors

As you match your clothes in a less boring way, consider wearing only dark colors for a while. You can go for Goth chic and wear a skull necklace from a place like Bikerringshop, for instance, to accentuate your look. The right accent pieces can make a world of difference when going all black. You can also use different textures and materials to make it pop.

3) Wear Men’s Clothes

Clothes get a new lease of life and become edgier when you wear them in a way their designers never intended. So, try to wear a man’s shirt as a dress, or a coat as a full outfit. However, ensure you have a crop top underneath the coat. You could also include men’s shoes and bow ties as part of your attire.

4) Add Studs to Your Clothes

Matching clothes get old after a while if you do not try something else. That something could be studs. Buy a bunch of them in all shapes and sizes, and then add them to your clothes for a punk rock look. Where you put them is limited only by your creativity. For starters, put a few on a collar, and you have a studded collar. Then progress from there.

5) Distress Your Denim Jeans

Distressing your denim is another cheap way of revamping your wardrobe. Distressing is the process of giving your pants a worn look – that is if you do not mind ripping or fraying them. Begin distressing by first marking the spot you want to work on. The most common spots are the back pockets, knees, upper thighs, and sides.

For a ripped look, cut the spot with a razor blade or a pair of scissors and pull out the individual threads with tweezers. Alternatively, sand it with sandpaper for a faded look. However, make sure to place a deck of cards, a block of wood, or a piece of cardboard under the spot you are standing.

6) Add Lace

The ruggedness of a studded or distressed look is not for everyone. Some people prefer a soft, delicate look. If you are one of them, how about adding lace to your clothes for a change? Lace is not only eye-catching but also romantic when added to the hem of a dress or sides of a t-shirt.

7) Dye or Paint Your Clothes

Though it can be tons of fun and has endless possibilities, dyeing and painting fabrics is for the bold only. You’ll have to experiment with different colors, patterns, and even bleach. So, if you have never tried painting or dying anything before, start using old clothes or those you can afford to do without. This is just in case you make a mistake. However, if you get your colors and patterns right, the payoff is worth the risk. Your wardrobe will be as good as new.

8) Sunglasses

Accessories are another great way to edge up your look. Which accessory can transform your look instantly? Sunglasses, of course! And, the darker they are, the better. Dark glasses give you an edgy, timeless and mysterious look, especially during the day.

9) Impact Makeup

As its name suggests, impact makeup is all about leaving an impression. Surprisingly, one of the best ways to impress is to wear nothing but red lipstick. Even well-known celebrities use this trick to draw attention to them.

Tilda Swinton wore only lipstick to the 2009 Oscars and made a huge statement. In fact, few people noticed her Lanvin dress, only her makeup – or the lack of it. The year before, she had gone a step further and had made an even greater statement, by going completely bare faced.

10) Get a Haircut or Dye Your Hair

If you are guilty of wearing the same hairdo every year, surprise everyone by getting a haircut. Try to go for bold cuts, such as a pixie cut. Or, even better, dye your hair blue or pink. But do two things while you are at it. One is to find a good colorist or your hair will look disastrous, not edgy. The other is to avoid bright colors like hot pink as these colors don’t suit everyone.

11) Piercings

When all else fails, go for piercings. Like tattoos, they accessorize any outfit and give it an edgy look. But, one word of caution; go easy on the piercings. Opt for simple ear piercings instead. They are just as stunning, especially when you pull up your hair and reveal them.

Revamping your style isn’t as hard as it looks. Start by matching the clothes in your wardrobe differently, or wearing pieces that you wouldn’t normally wear, and, if you are bold and aren’t afraid to experiment, try to dye or paint some items from your wardrobe to give them a fresh new look. Wardrobe aside, accessories like sunglasses will give you both an edge and some mystery as well. You could also look into piercings, a new hairdo or tattoos. The choice is yours.

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