4 Top Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

On May 24, 2017

Some people are blessed with the gift of being able to quickly drift off into a restful deep sleep, whilst others struggle to get a decent amount of shut-eye every night. There are many reasons why you might be struggling to get to sleep at night, including mental illness, stress, technology use, your bedroom environment, and your diet and lifestyle, to name a few. Thankfully, before you start to pop the sleeping pills, there are some more natural solutions that you can try to help improve your slumber. Let’s find out what they are!

Tip #1. Turn Off Your Smartphone

Or your laptop, tablet, or any other gadget that you always find yourself using when you’re lying in bed with one eye open. Not only is this really bad for your eyesight, the blue light of our gadget screen affects the brain, causing it to secrete less melatonin, which will lead to you struggling to fall asleep. On the other hand, when it’s completely dark, your brain will secrete more melatonin, allowing you to drift off easier. It’s a good idea to set a specific time for putting all gadgets away – around an hour before bedtime is ideal to allow yourself to fully wind down and relax. Do something like taking a warm bubble bath, or reading a book, instead.

Tip #2. Go for a Massage

A professional massage from heavenandearthmassage.co.uk isn’t just useful for getting rid of knots and relieving aches and pains. In fact, there are a plethora of further benefits of getting a massage, including reduced stress levels, since it will cause your body to become physically more relaxed. In turn, your mind will also start to wind down, allowing you to gain control over your stress and turn off the racing thoughts in your mind. Yes, you guessed it – all of this can definitely equate to a deep and relaxing night’s sleep that you’ll wake from feeling better than ever.

Tip #3. Limit Caffeine

Most of us wouldn’t be able to do without our cup of coffee in the morning. However, whilst taking caffeinated beverages early in the day is usually fine, it’s important to set yourself a deadline after which you won’t drink anymore. Ideally, this should be around lunch-time – any later, and your body will still be getting over the effects when it comes to going to bed, which will make it more difficult for you to fall asleep.

Tip #4. Spring Clean Your Room

If your bedroom is a mess then this could be affecting your quality of sleep. Our bedrooms should be the perfect sanctuary to relax in. However, those of us who live very busy lives can often find achieving this to be impossible. But, it’s definitely worth investing some time in spring cleaning your room – simply washing your sheets can make a huge difference when it comes to how relaxed and restful you are at bedtime.

Do you have any top sleep tips to add to this list? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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  • I would also add – Think about something good and relaxing. Very often people have trouble with sleeping, because they think about work or something else that causes stress

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