5 Great Reasons to Visit Portugal This Summer

On August 1, 2017

Portugal isn’t always the first country that pops into mind when you’re thinking about a vacation to Europe. Other countries such as France and Spain tend to be more popular as a holiday destination. You may also think about Italy and the UK for your next trip.

That said, Portugal actually has a lot to offer. A trip to Portugal will be a memorable one nonetheless. Visit mrhudsonexplores.com to plan a summer holiday and find out more about the best things to do and amazing places to visit. Here are the five great reasons why visiting Portugal this summer is a great idea.

Beautiful Beaches and Sunsets

Portugal is a country facing the Atlantic, so it is not surprising to find beautiful beaches just waiting to be explored. You can start on the beaches near Lisbon and explore other areas for beautiful scenery and breath-taking sunsets. Guincho Beach or Praia do Guincho is only 5km away from the city of Cascais and is the perfect spot to visit if you love sunsets and surfing.

Just a few kilometres from the Spanish border, there’s the gorgeous Altura. The white sand, beautiful water, and the unique rock formations surrounding this beach make it the perfect backdrop for some exciting water activities in the summer. Altura is also relatively calm and quiet, plus it is only 90 minutes or so away from the city of Seville in Spain.

Good Coffee

If you’re a huge coffee lover, Portugal is definitely a must-visit. The country is filled with coffee shops that serve tremendous coffee. It is also worth noting that coffee in Portugal is relatively affordable. You can get a high-quality shot of espresso for less than 1 Euro.

Great Food

Portugal is not only home to some of the most delicious and well-refined coffee but also to many great cuisines. Seafood is the star of the show, in this case, considering the country has over 800km of shoreline. Similar to its coffee, seafood in Portugal is also incredibly affordable.

You can get a fresh shrimp cocktail or the signature Dourada and Robalo dishes made entirely out of fresh ingredients. A culinary adventure in this country is an adventure you will remember for sure.

Rich in History

You only need to visit Lisbon to really comprehend how well Portugal has preserved its historic roots. In the city, you will find the Jeronimos Monastery, a Gothic landmark that is now part of the World Heritage. The city is also home of the Belem Tower, the 12th-century Lisbon Cathedral, and the Sao Jorge Castle.

Perfect for a Summer Holiday

Last but certainly not least, Portugal is simply perfect for a summer holiday thanks to its weather. The country has the best weather in Europe, thanks to its location near the Atlantic. Expect warm days and plenty of sunshine if you’re visiting Portugal this summer.

It is not difficult to see why Portugal is so popular among travellers and holidaymakers, as the country has so much to offer.

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