5 Reasons Why Moving to a Smaller City Could be Better for You

On September 1, 2017

Enjoying Whistler valley views while taking a rest during bike ride. Photo by Justa Jeskova


The big cities are full of pollutants. They’re noisy. They’re busy. Their roads are congested and people aren’t typically very neighborly. When you live in a big city, you’re one of a million. You don’t have to sacrifice city living, however, for the benefits of living in the country. Simply moving to a smaller city can vastly improve your health and your looks. Idaho is a stunning state with beautiful mountains and many protected wildlife parks. Moving here means you get the best of both city living and living in a rural area.


Here are five reasons why moving to a smaller city is great for your health:


  1. Less Pollution

Pollution causes a massive amount of health concerns. First, it wreaks havoc on your lungs. It also clogs your pours, making you break out. It dulls your hair, it makes you feel dirty, makes it harder to breathe, and negatively impacts your health in the long run. Moving to a smaller city means that the pollution you will face will be significantly less, while also offering you the same amenities that you loved about the big city.


  1. Know Your Neighbors

Meeting and befriending new people is difficult when you’re an adult. Moving to a smaller city means you’ll live in a smaller, more tight-knit neighborhood. Enjoy the company of new people, make friends, and benefit from all the advantages of having a rich social life.


  1. A Larger Home

When you move to a smaller city, there’s more room to spare. You won’t have to spend half your budget on a tiny shoebox of an apartment. In more rural cities, you can buy a home that gives you the space you need. Being cramped can cause claustrophobia. It means that you aren’t relaxed in your own home. It means you can’t unwind and it means that you can’t take time out for yourself. Forget renting and buy a beautiful home in Median, Idaho – Click Here for more details.


  1. It’s Where Millennials are Moving

Millennials make up the world’s largest generation. They also do things differently than the generations before them. Studies have shown that not only are millennials moving to these smaller cities, they also want to change their new homes for the better. This means that not only is a smaller city better for your health, you can bet that the city itself will improve.


  1. They’re Perfect to Start a Family

Families thrive under routine. The more stable a family home is, the better. Moving to a smaller city means having all the benefits of living in a big city, but also having a larger home, tighter community, and more stability for your children. Settle in a small city and watch as your children make great friends, have fun, and grow into strong and stable adults.


Smaller cities are where to go. Big cities cram millions of people into such a small area. They cost more. They clog your pours and infect your lungs. Small cities are where to go to have the best of both worlds. Move for your health and your family.

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