5 Ways to Care for Your Skin

On January 13, 2017


Ageing is a natural part of life, but wrinkles don’t have to be. Thanks to the wonders of science and technology, there are ways you can maintain a youthful appearance, creating radiant skin that will make you feel confident when you look in the mirror.
With so many moisturisers, treatments and skincare routines available, there are so many ways you can start creating glowing skin that will boost your self-esteem.
Know Your Skin Type
You must learn how to care for your skin, and the first step towards radiant skin is identifying your skin type. Many people think skin is just skin, but we all have different types. For example, some people have dry, flaky skin that requires daily moisturising, while other people might have oily skin, which could result in shiny areas and result in big pores, which should be treated with an effective facial wash twice daily.
So, start making your skin a thing of the past and identify how to treat and care for your skin type. You can trust you will feel happier in your body.


Non-Surgical Procedure
Not all cosmetic surgery requires you to go under the knife. A vampire facial is a non-surgical procedure and simply uses tiny injections on the face to offer a smoother complexion. It is similar to a Botox treatment, which means you will be in and out the same day.

While we cannot go back in time, we can create a more youthful appearance, thankfully. Dr. David Ghozland, an MD Board Certified OB/GYN, uses a Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to combat ageing skin, offering a younger complexion that will take years off your actual age. Age really is just a number and a more radiant appearance will ensure you live life to the full, rather than losing confidence in your body due to wrinkles, crow’s feet or frown lines.


Sleep is your skin’s friend, because it can banish dark circles surrounding the eyes, whilst offering a sallow complexion. Try to enjoy between seven to nine hours of sleep per night, which will eliminate any bags and offer a more radiant appearance in the morning. So, say goodbye to puffiness and bags once and for all and have an early night.


Drink Water
Is your skin looking a little done? Perk it up with some water. You should aim to drink between six to eight glasses of water per day. You might not notice an immediate change right away, but you could see a difference in a matter of weeks.

If you would like to enjoy a more youthful appearance, or if you want to banish the look of fatigue, you should try difference skincare routines to help boost your confidence and restore your complexion. If you do decide to embark with a non-invasive surgery to achieve a more radiant complexion, book an outpatient appointment with a qualified medical professional to discuss the procedure and ask any questions you might have.

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