Beauty Product of the Week: Beauty Kitchen

On December 30, 2016
This week I tried out the fun, fab line called Beauty Kitchen from Las Vegas-based YouTube star Heather Marianna
What  do I love about Beauty Kitchen?
1.) The easy-to-follow videos use common kitchen ingredients you probably already have.
2.) The all-natural skincare line, Beauty Kitchen features fun items like red-wine infused eye gel pads, lip masks, chocolate-infused sugar scrub, pumpkin caramel latte lotion and more. 
3.) You can get a monthly luxury VIP beauty box delivered to your door, and get to try out new and exclusive all-nature products every month. Each box contains 4-6 items with a theme depending on time of year, season, holidays, etc.
4.) All products are fun, heavenly-scented and light.
To try for yourself with 30% off, go to www.HeatherMarianna.TV/Shop and use “Beauty30” at checkout!

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