How Bloggers Can Avoid Getting into Trouble

On August 1, 2017

Are you thinking about starting a blog or have you already started to publish your content on your own website? A blog is a powerful tool that can help you reach a huge audience of like-minded people. However, there are many possible ways you can get into trouble when you blog, so you should be aware of what you can and cannot do. Below are some useful tips that will prevent bloggers from getting into trouble in the future.

Use Your Common Sense

Unfortunately, when some people go online, their common sense goes out the window and they act irresponsibly. In many instances, people say things and do things online that they would never dream of doing in the real world. With digital services like an e-discovery service available, everything you say and do can be recovered and used as evidence against you in a lawsuit.

Copyright and Trademarks

When you publish images, text, video, and audio online, make sure you have permission to do so. Certain types of content are copyrighted or trademarked, which means you cannot freely use them on your blog. To use content such as an image on your blog, you must buy royalty free images or use creative commons images, video, and other types of content, and remember to attribute the original source.


Publishing other people’s content and passing it off as your own is frowned upon and. in some instances, the original owners of a plagiarized piece of work will take further action against the blog owner who copies their content. You should always strive to produce unique, well-researched content that you create yourself.

Libel Issues

Things can get personal online, so it’s crucial to avoid making rude or derogatory comments about other people. A lot of stories that are featured online are also poorly researched and are often lacking in real facts about a certain event, person, or situation. At all costs, you should avoid making untrue or controversial statements about other people that could affect their good character.

False Advertising and Product Endorsements

Blogs are the perfect places to build a relationship with like-minded people who are interested in a specific topic, niche, or industry. Once you have built up a following on your blog, you can monetize this internet traffic by promoting relevant products and services.

However, if you decide to earn money from your blog in this way, it’s essential to be truthful about the products and services you are endorsing. For example, if you are promoting affiliate products, you should always include a clear statement on your blog that indicates that you get a commission every time someone from your blog buys a product or a service that is advertised on your blog.

Millions of blogs have been created in the last decade and blogging can get you noticed quickly, especially if you provide high-quality content. However, you should be aware of your responsibilities as a blogger and take note of each of the points mentioned above

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