What I Am Reading: The Complete 10-Day Detox

On July 4, 2016

ISBN 978-0-7788-0536-6.eps


Looking for a lifestyle change to uncover a healthy mind, body and soul?

Karen Barnes Complete 10 Day Detox could be for you.

This book is broken up into 3 easy-reading segments: Exposure to toxins, Food Allergies, Sensitivities & Intolerances and The Cleansing Detox Diet. The book offers a complete cleansing and detox diet that’s easy to follow, practical and realistic. It detoxifies the body. The results: optimizing weight, improving digestion, brighter skin, no joint pain, higher energy levels, balanced hormones, strengthened immune systems and overall vitality.

The first chapters are dedicated to the most recent research and information on common toxins, pesticides, parabens, heavy metals and more. More importantly, it also includes action plans designed to help you avoid them and/or eliminate them completely from your life. Glancing through the pages, you will find harmful chemicals in almost everything.

The meal plan is easily mapped out- but does require some kitchen skills to execute. All foods are take preparation but are savory and filling. After the detox, you are sure to have some new favorite recipes as well as a well stocked spice rack. And unlike some detoxes, dessert is still on the menu ( Vanilla Raspberry Ice Cream, Black Sticky Rice Pudding & Maple Cinnamon Cookies for example).

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