Foods to Eat to Keep You Beautiful on the Inside & Out

We sat down with Tricia Williams, executive chef and founder of Food Matters NYC, who has recommended foods that will help you stay beautiful from the inside out – no matter your age!

Food Matters NYC uses the following in their customized organic meal delivery service to help their clients’ look and feel better – from more radiant skin, to brighter eyes, to healthier nails and hair:

  • Activated Charcoal – Detoxifier

o   Commonly taken as supplement, Tricia takes a more innovative approach by using as a coating for chicken or salmon, or for drinks such as Black Charcoal Lemonade

  • Full Fat – Keeps skin soft and supple     

o   Cooking with ingredients like avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, and grass feed beef tallow, not only helps the skin, but also helps you stay fuller longer

  • Collagen – For Healthy Hair, Nails, and Bones

o   Bone broth is an easy way Tricia recommends to work this into one’s diet, but for a more fun approach, she also uses grass fed gelatin to make puddings, jello, and marshmallows

  • Dark Chocolate– Key source of flavonoids

o   For the greatest benefit, its best to eat 75% dark chocolate raw without refined sugar added, but Tricia also often uses cocoa powder in puddings and desserts, as well as in Mexican-style chicken dishes as a mole sauce

  • Berrie– Great source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories

o   Packed with Vitamin C to help the skin, Tricia uses berries daily in her dishes – choosing from whatever is in season at the time

Do you have any foods you love that keep you looking and feeling vibrant? Leave a comment below!

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