How To Revamp Your Style

On August 22, 2017


Tired of shopping at the same old stores, wearing the same type of dresses and buying the same jeans that you’ve been buying for fifteen years? As life goes on, we accumulate so many responsibilities, looking after ourselves can feature low on our list of priorities. Although looks aren’t everything, every woman wants to feel like they are presenting a good side of themselves when they go about their business. If you are a Mom, having the time and resources to buy new clothes is not easy, but by not doing so you could be doing yourself a disservice.


In the image conscious world of today, the clothes you wear has a big impact on what people think about you and therefore how they treat you. If you are always being overlooked for promotions at work, for example, changing the way you dress might greatly improve your chances of being noticed. A little money spent wisely could make a great deal of difference in the long run.


Rethink Your Hair


When one of your friends or family members gets their haircut, you probably notice immediately. Cropping your locks is a quick and straightforward way to freshen your look and update your appearance. If you are a regular cut kind of lady, think about doing something a little more ‘out there’. If you’re of a certain age dying your hair blue is probably not going to have the desired effect, but opting for a much shorter cut, getting some bold highlights or feeding in some red tones might make a real difference. When flicking through Pinterest wondering what to have done, take into account your face shape and ensure that whatever you get done really suits you. You might discover that your favored length or shape has been silently aging you.


Research The Latest Trends


It doesn’t matter if you do it from the comfort of your computer or out at the local mall, getting acquainted with what is stylish right now in 2017 is the best place to start your style transformation. Before you take to the store, notice what other women your age are wearing and what you think about the way they dress. If your neighbor always looks super preened, try and figure out how she is doing it. Asking people where they got things from can be awkward, it might not be something you want to inquire from friends or business associates, but doing so is also a compliment for them and they’ll love to share the information with you. If you see somebody out on the street and they have a great coat, pluck up the courage and ask them where they got it.


Start Small


If you start with your accessories, you will develop an idea of what kind of looks you’re interested in organically, and your whole look will work together. In the observation stage, you will have identified some people you think look good, what small pieces were they wearing that brought the outfit together? The devil is in the details, as they say, so take a look at what you already have and see if it might be holding you back. Is your watch screen scratched, is the strap grubby? Replace it. Perhaps you never have the time for jewelry or simply don’t have enough to wear it all the time. These kind of things don’t have to be hugely expensive to accentuate an outfit, a simple gold chain can make a sweater and pants look like a bona fide outfit. Phone cases and wallets are often overlooked when thinking about piecing together outfits, why not head to Cases and see if anything tickles your fancy. Like most people, you probably use your phone a lot. The key to great style is not to miss an opportunity to shine.


Engage in Planned Shopping


Before you rush out and buy everything that takes your fancy, ensure that the items you desire will complement one another and look good on you. Do a little research about dressing for your body type. Just because mid-calf A-line dresses look great on some people, doesn’t mean they will be the most flattering item on you. It is important to be daring and different, but also to buy things that you will actually end up wearing. When putting together a whole new style, organization is crucial. The first thing to do in the buying stage is to go out without your credit card and try on a whole load of different items, although the internet is a vital resource, nothing beats seeing an item on. You might never have considered a square neck top, for example, but it might look great on you. In store, pick out lots of differently shaped clothes, discounting the color or pattern of the fabric. Only when you have tried on all that you can handle, and isolated what you want, are you ready to make a purchase.


Shop For Shoes


You are now the owner of a whole new wardrobe, and an owner of clothes you might not have ever imagined yourself wearing, but equally adore. The watch you have invested in is happily shining away on your watch, complementing your new cut and color perfectly. As you go to leave the house, you bring out your trusty old black court shoes with their wobbly heel and suddenly, as if by magic, you start to feel absolutely no different to how you did before. A stylish pair of shoes can elevate your look. Also, don’t be afraid of embracing new things; for example, if you haven’t got on the sneaker band wagon yet, entertain the idea at least. It’s a sure fire way to get a more contemporary look.


Be Confident


It is all too easy to bend to the pressure of standing out and swap your new look for your comfortable, old clothes. It may take time to adjust, but to feel the full force of your transformation you must fake it ‘till you make it. Picture yourself blustering down the street like a supermodel, and watch as you stride past shops and cafe’s commanding looks from passersby. Be sure that you look great, really believe it, and the compliments will roll in.




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