How to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Beautiful on Vacation

On November 17, 2017


Once winter hits, all you do is count down the days until your vacation in the sun. What you might not have known, however, is that gloomy overcast can actually protect your skin and helps it heal and rejuvenate. Sun and UV exposure are two of the worst things that you can inflict your skin with, so when you’re away on vacation this winter, use these tips to ensure long-lasting, beautiful skin:


  1. Don’t Skip Out on The Beauty Routine

It’s tempting to let yourself go when you’re on vacation, but for your skin’s health, don’t. Ensure that you carry on your skincare routine, or even boost it if it’s not sufficient enough. This means washing your face of all pollutants, sweat, and more twice a day, and at least hydrating it afterwards. Additional steps include using vitamin extract oils to boost your skin’s health, and even using a toner to even your complexion. If you’re truly invested in the health and beauty of your skin, then you can even try the infamous multi-step skincare regimens that Korean women use.


  1. Wear Sunscreen

One addition that should be added to every person’s beauty routine is sunscreen. This applies whether you are on a sunny vacation in Spain, or if you’re at home suffering through a cloud-covered winter. UV rays can pierce through clouds and can still damage your skin, so wear sunscreen whenever you go out of the house. You don’t even need to make this an extra step, simply change your moisturizer to one that ideally has SPF 30 included.


The sun is responsible for premature skin aging and damage, but thankfully the skin naturally renews itself every 27 days. That means that simply using sunscreen to protect your skin for one month should give you visible results!


Tip: You will need to reapply throughout the day to gain maximum coverage!

  1. Keep Shaded

When you’re on vacation to a sunny destination, it can be tempting to lounge out all day in the sun. If you must, ensure you have adequate sunscreen protection, otherwise stay shaded. This is especially important if you are out exploring, instead of lounging on the beach. Simply wearing a sunhat can help you combat the head and stay cool and comfortable. You don’t want to waste your time in Spain suffering from a heat stroke. No, make most of your vuelos baratos (“cheap flights”, in Spanish) and enjoy the destination to its fullest.


  1. Stay Hydrated

On top of protecting your skin and your head from too much sun exposure, you also need to stay hydrated. This is important for your skin’s health, and for yours. Drink more water than you usually would to keep going and having fun.


Long-lasting beauty only comes with a lifelong commitment to your health. This means taking the extra precaution to protect your skin even when you’re away on vacation. Put the little extra effort in now, and you’ll see amazing results in years to come.

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