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Examiner.com (National Luxury Lifestyle Examiner)

NiteGuide Magazine (out of print)


Big Pomme Magazine

Disarray Magazine

E Exclusive

Food Wine Travel Magazine Winter 2017

GC Magazine Wedding issue 2015

GC Magazine May 2015 “Escape to Northwest Florida”

GC Magazine Mar/Apr 2015 “Bonaire: Eco Travlin”

GC Magazine Nov 2014 “The Magic of Martha’s Vineyard”

LA Splash

LuxeBeat Magazine Jan 2016 Living the Life with Luxury Event Planner Breeze Taylor

LuxeBeat Magazine Oct 2015 Luxe Beat Exclusive: Interview with Cigar Czar Richard Carlton Hacker

LuxeBeat Magazine May 2015 The Luxe Side of Japan: Exploring The Palace Hotel Tokyo

Ocean View Magazine (out of print)

NiteGuide Magazine (out of print)

NiteGuide Magazine-  Summer Suggestions Summer/13

NiteGuide Magazine- Luxury Beauty Items for Winter/13

NiteGuide Magazine- What’s Hot Fashion Edition 10/12

NiteGuide Magazine- LA Fashion Week

NiteGuide Magazine- Summer Skin “Seacrets” 7/12

NiteGuide Magazine- What’s Hot 5/12

NiteGuide Magazine- Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 2/12

NiteGuide Magazine- What’s Hot Fall Fashion 11/11

NiteGuide Magazine – What’s Hot for Halloween 10/11

NiteGuide Magazine-Whats Hot 9/11

NiteGuide Magazine- Hot Summer Ideas 7/11

NiteGuide Magazine-Fresh Ideas for May 5/11

NiteGuide Magazine-What’s Hot for April 4/11

NiteGuide Magazine-Featured DJ Goc LaRoc 4/11

NiteGuide Magazine- What’s Hot for March 3/11

NiteGuide Magazine-Valentine Gift Ideas 2/11

NiteGuide Magazine-Benchwarmer Holiday Party 1/11

NiteGuide Magazine-What’s New for 2011 1/11

NiteGuide Magazine-Nightlife Around the World: Ibiza 11/12

NiteGuide Magazine-Fresh Ideas for Fall 11/10

NiteGuide Magazine-Feature Bottle Host:Jenna Brooke 11/10

NiteGuide Magazine-Holiday Gift Ideas 10/10

NiteGuide Magazine-Fresh Ideas for Fall 10/10

NiteGuide Magazine-Nightlife Around the World 9/10

NiteGuide Magazine- Back to School is Cool 9/10

NiteGuide Magazine- Nightlife Around the World 8/10

NiteGuide Magazine-Chill Out: How to Stay Cool This Summer 8/10

NiteGuide Magazine-Fresh Ideas for July 7/10

NiteGuide Magazine- Exotic Martinis 6/10

NiteGuide Magazine-Nightlife Around the World: Jamaica 6/10

NiteGuide Magazine-Your Guide to the 4th of July- 6/10

NiteGuide Magazine-Whats In/What Out for June 6/10

NiteGuide Magazine-Nightlife Around the World: New York 5/10

NiteGuide Magazine-Fresh Ideas for May 5/10

NiteGuide Magazine-Flawless Vodka 4/10

NiteGuide Magazine-Nightlife Around the World 4/10

NiteGuide Magazine-What’s Hot for Spring 4/10

NiteGuide Magazine- NiteGuide Magazine’s Pre-Valentine’s Day Party at Sutra 3/10

NiteGuide Magazine-The History of St. Patrick’s Day 3/10

NiteGuide Magazine- Lounge Appeal 3/10

NiteGuide Magazine- PartLounge.net 3/10

NiteGuide Magazine-Best Places for Superbowl Parties 2/10

NiteGuide Magazine-Romantic Valentine’s Getaways in Southern California 2/10

NiteGuide Magazine-Online Dating: A Place for Everyone! 2/10

NiteGuide Magazine- Feature DJ Lady Kate 2/10

NiteGuide Magazine-Social Networking 101: 2010 Top Upcoming Sites 1/10

NiteGuide Magazine- Top 10 Must-Haves for Movers and Shakers 1/10

Play Asia (out of print)

ReLiving Magazine (out of print)

Runway  Magazine (out of print)

Sunset Magazine

Trajan Magazine (out of print)


24 Dollar Burger- In and Out, Los Angeles

52PerfectDays-Adventures in Indulgence in Birmingham

52PerfectDays-Eco-friendly Los Angeles

52PerfectDays-Family Fun in Redondo Beach

52PerfectDays-Southern California’s Anacapa Island

52PerfectDays-Exploring Oxnard: Culture, Wines and Great Food

52PerfectDays-Summer in Sun Valley

52PerfectDays-Playing in Palm Springs

52PerfectDays-Christmas at the Grove

52PerfectDays-Haunted Hollywood

52PerfectDays-Palm Springs: Luxurious North Palm Canyon Drive

52PerfectDays-Tour Hollywood with the Stars

52PerfectDays-Manhattan Beach for Under $55

52PerfectDays –An Evening in Manhattan Beach

ADANAI- Looking for the Uber of Nightlife? Meet the Discotech App

ADANAI- Inside the ADANAI DJ Booth: The DJ Rose Interview

Alternative Health Journal-Cholesterol FAQ’s

Alternative Heath Journal-Fat & Cholesterol: How Much is too Much?

Alternative Heath Journal-High Cholesterol & Men

Alternative Heath Journal-High Cholesterol & Women

Alternative Health Journal-Cholesterol & The Mediterranean Diet

Alternative Heath Journal- Japanese Diets

Alternative Heath Journal-Uncovering the Pros and Cons of Fad Diets

Alternative Heath Journal-Weight Loss Programs for Energy and Vitality

Alternative Heath Journal-5 Reasons Not to Jump into the Fad Diet or Crazed Workout Routine

Alternative Heath Journal-Fat Weight Loss Illusions: Beauty is not Skin Deep

Alternative Heath Journal-Healthy Diets: 10 Steps to Easy Weight Control

Alternative Heath Journal-Healthy Diets: Eat 5 Meals a Day and Lose Weight

ArticleBase SoCal Travel with The Privileged Pooch

ArticleBase Haute Hollywood Jewelers: Miki Black & Davida Sullivan

ArticleBase The Fairmont Princess & Historic Island Beauty

AssociatedContent-Guide to the LA Food Truck Scene

Bestcovery- Best Concealer for Dry Skin

Bestcovery-Best Clear Lip Gloss

Big Pomme Magazine – Fall Weekend Getaways



CityElla: 9 Things Only a NY Girl Has to Deal With 

CityElla: 10 Hip & Sexy NYC Workouts to Try 


CheapOair-(Guest Post)

Disarray Magazine- DJ Ryan Milano Provides the Soundtrack to Your Life

Disarray Magazine-DJ Lady Kate Pleases Crowds with Audio and Video Mixes

Disarray Magazine-DJ GOC Talks Past and Future

Disarray Magazine-DJ Nova Jade , Immersed in Music for Over 20 Years

Disarray Magazine-Hollywood Comes to the South Bay

Disarray Magazine-GenArt Kicks Off LA Fashion Week

Disarray Magazine-Taste of Fashion and Fame

Disarray Magazine-LA Food Truck Scene

Ehow-Boutique Hotels in Antigua

Ehow-Dominican Republic Vacation Tips 9/22/2010

Ehow-Tips on Lexan Race Car Windshields 9/21/2010

Ehow-How to do Travel Agency Jobs at Home

Ehow-How to Start a Travel Website

Ehow-Teacup Pomeranians

Ehow-Low-Calorie Food That Satisfies the Brain

Ehow-The Best Caribbean Vacations for Kids

Ehow-Different Hair Extensions

Ehow-How to Care for Backyard Fountains

Ehow-How to Obtain a Corporate Credit Card

Ehow-How to Build a Website to Sell my Ebook

Ehow-Description of Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo

Ehow-Brazilian Beauty Tips

Ehow-Treasure Island Casino Review

Ehow-Fun Places in Hollywood

Ehow-Discount Activities for Maui

Ehow-Fun Places in France

Ehow-Foods to Avoid for Reflux

Ehow-Crazy Things to do in Vegas

Ehow-What are Romantic Things to do in Las Vegas, NV

Ehow-20 Things to do in Las Vegas

Ehow-Low Carb Fast Food Choices

Ehow en Espanol- Como Hacer Trajajos de Agencia de Viajes en Casa

Elephant Journal: The 10 Things I Learned From Finding Happiness

Examiner-(75 articles)

Fashion in Jewelry

Fitness for Me

Foodicle Red O Restaurant

Formula Health

Go Vietnam- Tips on Traveling to Vietnam From the US 

HauteLiving- Red Dot Art Fair

HauteLiving-  St. PAWtrick’s Day Benefiting The Human Society of NY

HelloNewYorkCity- Gossip Girl Lets You Experience The Show’s Hot Spots

Huffington Post: 7 Sweet Places to Steal a Kiss in Colorado 

Huffington Post: 6 Most Romantic Kissing Spots on the Island of St. Thomas 

Huffington Post: 6 Reasons Why Harbor View Hotel on Martha’s Vineyard Needs to be Your Vacation Destination 

Hungry City-Eating Around the World in Beverly Hills


Jetsetera (Over ,2000 posts)

JustLuxe: Interview with Event Planner and Luxury Lifestyle Expert Jung Lee

JustLuxe: Celebrate the Holidays with Christmas Trees from Around the World

JustLuxe: Absolut Elyx Sets Off on 3-City Pop-Up Tour With Limited Edition Copper Pineapples  11/6/15

JustLuxe: Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Something for Everyone on Santa’s List 11/6/15

JustLuxe: The Best Part Comes After “I Do”, These Resorts Will Make You Super Excited for the Honeymoon 10/22/15

JustLuxe: Fall Beauty- 4 Must Have Products 

JustLuxe: A Quick 24 Hour Guide to Making Your Way Through Florence 9/16/15

JustLuxe: The Sexy, Red-Lit Sushi Roxx Opens at The Tuscany Hotel 8/7/15

JustLuxe: 5 Romantic Places to Steal a Kiss in Nevis, St Kitts 7/28/15

JustLuxe: Summer on the Water: Must Visit Destinations This Summer 7/11/15

JustLuxe: The Sexiest Show in NYC Gets a Hot New Dinner Menu 7/8/15

JustLuxe: A Quick Guide to a Weekend Retreat in Saratoga Springs 6/18/15

JustLuxe: 3 Awesomely Active Spring Retreats to Enjoy and Maintain Your Fitness Goals 5/7/15

JustLuxe: Julian Lennon’s Socially-Good Exhibit Now Showing at the Emmanuel Fremin Gallery  4/15

JustLuxe: 6 Reasons to Escape to the Sand, Sea and Serenity of the Emerald Coast 

JustLuxe: Lend a Hand Uganda Founder Brings it Home With First Annual Fundraising Gala in NYC 

JustLuxe: New York Fashion Week Highlights from the Fall/Winter 2015 Season 

JustLuxe: 5 Hotels to Visit This Winter for Cold-Weather Beach Lovers

JustLuxe: Meet the $75 Million Members-Only Hermitage Club in Vermont

JustLuxe: Gummy Bear Hookah, Anyone? Casablanca Opens in the Lower East Side

JustLuxe: Tiny Caribbean Island of Bonaire is a Quaint, Quiet, Nature Lover’s Dream

JustLuxe: Luxury French Watch Company Vuarnet and Artist Tristan Easton Team Up for Art Basel 2014

JustLuxe- Art Miami Director Nick Korniloff Gives Us an Inside Look at This Year’s Art Week 

JustLuxe- Valentino: At The Emperor’s Table New York City Book Launch

JustLuxe- 5 Reasons to Honeymoon at Fisher Island Club & Resort in Florida

JustLuxe- Moby Debuts First Solo Show at Emmanuel Fremin Gallery in New York

JustLuxe-6 Reasons to Stay at Harbor View Hotel on Martha’s Vineyard

JustLuxe- 7 Reasons to Choose Ibiza’s Hacienda Na Xamena for Your Honeymoon

JustLuxe- Five Sensational Beauty Must-Haves for a Sunny Summer Season 

JustLuxe- 6 Reasons You Should Have Gone to Veuve Clicquot 7th Annual NYC Polo Classic

JustLuxe- Crown Princess Katherine & Prince Alexander Host Lavish NYC Fundraiser for Serbia Relief

JustLuxe- The Sanctuary Hotel Opens Broadway’s Newest Dining Venue: Tender NYC

JustLuxe- 6 of The Best Places To Steal A Kiss in St. Thomas

JustLuxe- La Martina Miami Beach Polo World Cup Celebrates 10 Years on South Beach

JustLuxe- Find the Comforts of Home at The Gant Aspen by Destination Hotels & Resorts’ Condo Rentals

JustLuxe- 7 Fun, Romantic & Breath-Taking Places to Steal a Kiss in Colorado

JustLuxe- Global Beauty Spotlight: Amarte’s President Explains Innovative East Meets West Skin Care

JustLuxe- Our 11 Favorite Weight Loss Books to Help You Get Your Skinny On for Summer 3/12/14

JustLuxe- Luxury Goes au natural at Hidden Beach Nudist Resort in Mexican Riviera 2/27/14

JustLuxe-  4 Bespoke Valentine’s Gifts for Him 2/14/14

JustLuxe- The Best Superbowl Events of 2014  2/10/14

JustLuxe- Playful Luxury Comes to Orlando with the Launch of the Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World 2/10/14

JustLuxe- JeanRichard Unveils “208 Seconds” Special Edition Timepiece With Captain Chesley Sullenberger 1/21/14

JustLuxe- Breathing New Life into Hospitality: Edgar Vaudeville Brings His International Expertise Stateside 1/17/14

JustLuxe- Grammy Award Winner Ne-Yo Gives Back With Compound Foundation’s Giving Tour 12/18/13

JustLuxe- Sensational Umbria Exhibit Showcases National Geographic Photographer Steve McCurry’s Work  11/20/13

JustLuxe- Lufthansa Honors Joe Sutter “Father of the Boeing 747” at The Lambs Club 11/10/13

JustLuxe- Giuliana Rancic Hosts CureDiva Launch Party for Women with Breast Cancer 10/25/13

JustLuxe- Stowe Away to Vermont This Fall for Apple Picking, Hiking and Colorful Foliage 10/18/13

JustLuxe- Invite-Only Rand Luxury Review Previews 2014 McLaren 12C Spider & More 10/8/13

JustLuxe- Worlds Apart by Artist Drew Tal Opens October 10 in New York 10/3/13

JustLuxe- Fro-Nationale F/W Africana Collection Debuts at The Stellan Lounge 5/21/13

JustLuxe-Studio K Brings New Fitness and Wellness Concept to Pacific Palisades 5/22/13

JustLuxe- FACE Africa 4th Annual Clean Water Charity Event Raises $73,000 for Liberia 4/25/13

JustLuxe- 2014 Maserati Quattroporte Wows at VIP New York Event 4/9/13

JustLuxe-Casino Royale Party Channels 007 Glamour in Manhattan 1/30/13

JustLuxe-Escape From City Life | Greenwich, Connecticut 1/1/13

JustLuxe-Emotionally Charged Photography Exhibit Debuts at Artion Gallery 12/9/12

JustLuxe-Fendi Casa Unveils Andy Warhol Event During Art Basel Miami 2012 12/10/12

JustLuxe-NE-YO Aids Foster Children with Hampton Charity Event 7/15/12

JustLuxe-Volvo Ocean Race Sets Out for 2012 Finish of the ‘Everest of Sailing’ 5/29/12

JustLuxe-Haute New Jewels: Spoiled Wrist by Jillian Canavatchel

JustLuxe-Martin Miller Exclusive Interview 1/30/12

JustLuxe-Every Man Jack

JustLuxe-Southern California Travel with The Privileged Pooch

JustLuxe-Pali Luxury Adventures for Kids

JustLuxe-The Lodge at Doonbeg: Ireland’s Five-Star Home Away From Home

JustLuxe-Haute Hollywood Jewelers: Miki Black and Davida Sullivan

JustLuxe-Silverado Resort and Spa: Immersed in Napa Beauty

JustLuxe-Yon-Ka Paris: Aroma-Therapeutic Care for the Mind, Body and Soul

JustLuxe-La Quinta Resort and Club: Land of the Eternal Sun

JustLuxe-Temecula: Southern California’s Land of the Sun

JustLuxe-La Quinta Resort & Club: Land of the Eternal Sun

JustLuxe Southern California Eco-Friendly Luxury in Palos Verdes

JustLuxe-Southern California Outdoor Luxury: Glamping

JustLuxe-Sun Valley Resort, Idaho: Summertime Sanctuary

JustLuxe-Renaissance Ross Bridge Golf Resort and Spa: Pure Southern Luxury

JustLuxe-Mega Yacht Designer Theodoros Fotiadis Reveals YP Princess Renee Concept

JustLuxe-The Fairmont Hamilton Princess: Historic Bermuda Beauty

Kaleidoskope Magazine- 7 Unique Honeymoon Destinations

Lash Extensions

LivingLargeNYC- Celebrity “Fostering a Legacy” Benefit

LivinLargeNYC- Champagning Takes Over New York

LivinLargeNYC- Nougatine by Jean Georges

LivinLargeNYC- 75 Main/Southampton

LivinLargeNYC- Penthouse Living

LivinLargeNYC: Young Sam Kim Opening

LivinLargeNYC- NYC Weekend Escapes Without a Car

LivinLargeNYC- Amtrek Goes Gourmet

LivinLargeNYC- Restaurant Review: Gramercy Tavern

LivinLargeNYC- Restaurant Review: Millesime Manhattan

LivinLargeNYC-The Luxury Review: A Private Viewing

LivinLargeNYC- Straight Sexy: Precision Tailoring by Seize Sur Vingt in Soho

LuxLifeLA-(Guest Post)

Luxury Backpacking-(Guest Post) The Ultimate in Outdoor Luxury: Glamping

MenInsider: Sexual Turnoffs

MenInsider: What Online Dating Site is Right for Me? 

MenInsider: How She Decides You Are a Keeper

MenInsider: Signs You Have Chemistry

MenInsider: Best & Worst Places for Random Hookups

MenInsider: What I Am Saying by Giving You a Business Card

MenInsider: What Your Credit Card Says About You

MenInsider: Rules of Sexting

MenInsider: What Drink Should I Buy a Woman

MenInsider: Excuses to Cancel a Date

MenInsider: How She Catches You Cheating

MenInsider: The Cheat Sheet: What Your Sheets Say About You

MenInsider: iPhone vs Blackberry

Our Fitness Tips

Pinstripe Magazine-What NOT to Say on a First Date

PopStyleTV: Pet-Friendly LOTTE New York Palace the Place to be for Pampered Pets

PopStyleTV: Cristiano Ronaldo & Dionisio Pestana Launch Joint Hotel Venture NYC

PopStyleTV: NFL Cheerleaders, Fat Joe & Good Karma Await You at These New York City NYE Parties  

PopStyleTV: Thompson Hotel Playa Hosts NYFW First Look Party with Tori Praver

PopStyleTV: NY Artist Giving the Gift of Art with a Peaceful Message 

PopStyleTV: Holiday Menus, Candy Cane Cocktails & Happy Hours in NYC

PopStyleTV: Drink Absolut Elyx Copper Pineapples to Provide Safe Water

PopStyleTV: The Macallan Rare Cask Event 

PopStyleTV: Spirited and Spooky Halloween Cocktails 

PopStyleTV: Sushi Roxx Opens in NYC

PopStyleTV: Campari Unveils 2016 Calendar Starring Kate Hudson

PopStyleTV- Grand Opening of Industry Kitchen

Real Travel Adventures -Land of the Eternal Sun

Real Travel Adventures-Spotlight on California: Manhattan Beach

ReLiving -Consumer Electronics Show 2010 Goes Green

ReLiving-Top 10 Green Gifts to Give This Holiday Season

ReLiving-A Green Day in Palos Verdes

RoadTripsforCouples- Tuscany Villas

RoadTripsforCouples- Review: Delphine Restaurant in the W Hollywood

RoadTripsforCouples- Travel Spotlight: Maastricht, Netherlands

RoadTripsforCouples- Visiting the Uffizi Gallery

RoadTripsforCouples- The Luxurious Side of Liverpool

RoadTripsforCouples- Villa Milagro 

RoadTripsforCouples-Le Village Arc 1950

RoadTripsforCouples-Daytona Beach


Sherman’s Tavel- 5 Affordable Things to do in Nevis, West Indies

Style Blend- Starting Off the New Year Right: Healthy Habits for a Fresh Start 

Tango Diva- Packing 101: Top 10 Tips

Tanning Shack

The Crest | Vince Camuto- Charlotte City Guide 

The Daily Meal: Hip Hookah & Mixed Fusion at Casablanca

TheTravelConnoissers- (Guest Post)

The Upcoming- Milly catwalk show report S/S 2016

The Upcoming-MONGOL catwalk report A/W 2015

The Upcoming- Nicholas K catwalk report A/W 2015

The Upcoming – BCBG Chanels Romance for S/S 2015 

The Upcoming- Jay Godfrey Catwalk Show Report S/S 2015

TheVacationGals –Budget Beverly Hills

TheVacationGals– Girlfriends’ Getaway: Daytona Beach

Top Beauty Tips

Travellady Magazine- A Weekend Escape to La Quinta, CA

Travels.com-About Argentinean Restaurant in North Beach, San Francisco 2/3/10

Travels.com-About Hotel Gabriele, Rome 1/27/10

Travels.com-Great Cheap Honeymoon Ideas 9/4/09

Travels.com-Westin Palace Madrid Review 8/24/09

Travels.com-Dreams Los Cabos Resort Review 8/23/09

Travels.com-Hotel Queen Mary Review 8/23/09

Travels.com-Green Door Las Vegas, Nevada Review 8/21/09

Travels.com-Aruba Hotel in Las Vegas Review 8/21/09

Travels.com-Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Tourist Information 8/20/09

Travels.com-Wyndham Nassau Resort and Crystal Palace Casino 8/19/09

Travels.com-Grandview at Las Vegas Review 8/19/09

Travels.com-About the MGM Grand 8/18/09

Travels.com-New York Palace Hotel Review 8/18/09

Travels.com-Hoover Dam & Lake 8/18/09

Travels.com-History of the Delano Hotel 8/17/09

Travels.com-Review of Harbor Island, Bahamas 8/17/09

Travels.com-Carlton Hotel New York Review 8/14/09

Travels.com-Review of the Best Point Hotel, Istanbul 8/14/09

Travels.com-Royal Solaris Los Cabos Review 8/14/09

Travels.com-Acapulco Ritz Hotel Review 8/14/09

Travels.com-Royal Palms Hotel Arizona Review 8/14/09

Travels.com-Riu Palace , Los Cabos Review 8/13/09

Travels.com-Review of the Hilton Waldorf Astoria 8/6/09

Travels.com-Hotel Finesterra Review 8/5/09

Travels.com-Pier House Key West Review 8/2/09

Travels.com-Four Seasons Punta Mita Review 8/1/09

Travels.com-Review of the Gold Coast Hotel in Vegas 8/1/09

Travels.com-Silverado Resort in Napa Valley 7/31/09

Travels.com-Reviews of the Luxor Hotel & Casino 7/31/09

Travels.com-Review of the Pink Sands Resort, Bahamas 7/29/09

Travels.com-Pulitzer Hotel Amsterdam Review 7/28/09

Travels.com-Wynn Hotel Review 7/28/09

Travels.com-Mexican Riviera Cruise Review 7/26/09

Travels.com-Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel Review 7/25/09

Travels.com-Palms Casino Resort Review 7/24/09

Travels.com-AAA Hotel Ratings & Review 7/24/09

Travels.com-The Best Scottsdale Hotels 7/24/09

Travels.com-Turtle Inn Belize Reviews 7/22/09

Travels.com-Where You Can Swim With the Dolphins in CA 7/21/09

Travels.com-About Glacier Brewhouse in Alaska 7/16/09

TravelLady Magazine-A Weekend Escape to La Quinta, CA

Trazzler-Becoming One with Nature on Anacapa Island

Trazzler-Dining Where the Screen Legends Hung Out in Hollywood, CA

Trazzler-Dining in Southern Decadence in Birmingham, AL

Trazzler-Drinking Muscadines and Fruit Wines in Birmingham, AL

Trazzler-Exploring Haunted Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA


NYC Ponderings

USAToday-Famous Attractions in New York

USAToday-Fancy Restaurants in San Francisco

USAToday-Fancy Restaurants in New York City

USAToday-Popular Mexican Vacations

USAToday-Weight Loss Tips for Women

Where to Stay

WorldReviewer-Herzog Wine Cellars


Yahoo! Voices-Academy Awards Gifting Suites 2012

Yahoo! Voices-NYC Easter Eats

Yahoo! Voices -Guide to the LA Food Truck Scene

Yahoo! Voices- Women W Love: Mary Nguyen

Your Health


Guide Gecko : Quick Guide to LA Food Trucks

Promotional Modeling 101

Viva Travel Guides


Alternative Health Journal
Cosmo Residences
Huatulco Mexico: A Real Life Paradise
Fly Infinite
Looking for Cheap Business Class Flights? 5 Tips to Get You to First Class
Miami Air International
5 Reasons to Choose Private Air Travel by Miami Air


6 Writers


Blue Catalyst Media (06/10-present)

Demand Studios (8/08-present)

EDU Book


Suite 101

Text Brokers

Tru Value Media (08/06-01/07)


America Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA)

International Travel Writers Alliance (ITWA)

International Society for Travel Writing (ISTW)



North American Travel Journalists Association (NATJA)



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