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Have you ever wanted to have a career as a promotional model or spokesperson and didn’t know where to start? Here is your chance with this easy-to-read guide book that helps you learn tips of the trade, tools and skills you need, invaluable Q&A and over 200 different agent listings to get you started!


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“This is an amazing resource for young women looking to break into the industry”.

-Jonathan Miller, Author

“This book is thorough, easy to understand and interesting. You covered everything. I am impressed!”.-Divini Rae, Model & Playmate

“This book is great! It’s perfect for anyone just starting out in the promotional modeling industry. It’s smart, interesting, funny, and loaded with information. Women who follow this comprehensive “how to” guide will be making tons of money in no time – and will feel completely confident in the choices they make. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in learning about the promotional modeling industry or wanting to get into promotional modeling”.- Review

“My name is Jennifer Nelson and I work for a national staffing company called 8 Days A Week. I recently purchased your book. It is a great resource and I will be making all of our future in-house hires and interns read it as part of their training. Great job!”-Jennifer C, Nelson, 8 Days a Week

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