The #IdealShape Challenge

On July 12, 2016



I was invited to participate in the IdealFit Summer Challenge by Fit Approach. I always jump at the chance to try something healthy.

The company was new to me, and I found out that they offer amazing pre/post workout products to help you find your IdealFit and make all of your fitness dreams a reality.

IdealFit was created by Certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer Lindsey Matthews, who has seen thousands of women struggle to get the nutritional support they need to achieve their fitness goals.  She worked with IdealFit to create a line of products to help people reach their goals faster, feel better, and get stronger every day.

Each supplement plays a very unique and important role in the Lean Stack. From energy and focus in your workouts, to recovery after your toughest days, to the fuel your body needs to get lean and toned… IdealFit has it all.

I fell in love with the ideal lean chocolate brownie protein shake, and all of the products are easily labeled and fun to use.

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