Things I Love Thursday

On January 21, 2016

Welcome back! And welcome back to another post of “Things I Love Thursday”. Here are a few things I have come
across that I love this week, that I am grateful for…



I am so blessed to be in a city where it seems like everything happens. So much energy, character and drive…and amazing people!


Here are 2 travel themed books to keep on your radar.



The Big Bucket List Book: 133 Experiences of a Lifetime

Everyone has a bucket list, including me (Check it out here).

This book, by Jennifer “Gin” Sander will give you inspiration to start living and do things to add a little bit of excitement, glamour and adventure into your life. 133 ideas include staying in a castle, trying a silent retreat, staying the night in an ice hotel and attending a masked ball in Venice, Italy. What will you add on to your list?


Gullible Travels: The Truly Sensational, Humorous and Amazing Encounters of Over a Decade of Travels

Who is this Ronnie Bermann character?

Someone that knows how to live to the fullest.

In his book, he explores the world with true to life adventures. After experiencing different cultures, including fine cuisine and wines, live events, and historic sites around the world, Bermann has one piece of advice to his readers: “If you have the time and resources to travel by yourself, do so,” Bermann said. “You will never be able to fully live until you go out and see all the world has to offer.”



 Joyal Beauty Vitamin C Facial Cleaner 

Tried out this 100% vegan, natural, organic herbal cleanse and loved the unique pH-balanced formula that includes antioxidants such as vitamins A,C,E,K. These vitamins help maintain the acid mantle, which protect your skin. The formula is gentle, sulfate-free and contains gray ingredients like rose hip, hemp seed oil, tea tree oil and vitamins. The combined ingredients cleans, boosts healthy collagen, hydrates, fights wrinkles, even tones, fade spots, fixes UV damage and smooths skin.

I have been a member of this online charity since 2011, and it is such an easy way to give back to the world. For as little as $25.00, you can make a difference somewhere in the world. Check out my portfolio here:

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