Timeless Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

On June 16, 2017

It has been said that a woman can never own too much jewelry, but the question is, does she have the right pieces to round out her collection? While some fads come and go, there are some exquisite pieces that will never go out of style and this is the timeless jewelry every woman should own. If you don’t have at least one or two of these, it’s time you thought about adding them to your collection.

A Strand of Pearls

While it would be wonderful to own a strand of natural Akoya pearls of high quality, many women can’t afford the expense so they ‘settle’ for cultured Akoyas grown in the waters off the coast of Japan. These are traditionally the costliest of pearls and said to be of the highest quality. Being saltwater pearls, cultured or natural, they are of a higher quality than freshwater cultured pearls, but either cultured or natural, freshwater or saltwater, every woman should add a strand of lustrous pearls to her collection. Nothing suits formal attire quite like pearls and even diamonds can’t match the feminine grace a string of pearls offers.

The Classic Cameo – Brooch or Pendant

All it takes is looking back through the past few hundred years and you will see that every lady of refinement has been seen at least once graced by a cameo brooch or pendant. If it’s tradition you are after, seeking a cameo such as one from the Italian family of jewelers, Eredi Jovon, would provide a piece of high quality but at prices which are affordable. It’s all about the quality of craftsmanship that goes into a cameo and so it is important to choose one without flaws and done in blue agate, framed in either gold or sterling silver.

A Cocktail Ring

While a diamond wedding set indicates the marital status of a woman, there is nothing quite like a cocktail ring to indicate breeding. These needn’t be large and tawdry, but even when the stone is oversized, the setting makes all the difference in the world. Choose the stones and settings carefully so that your ring can be worn with a wide variety of semi-formal dresses. However, consider your birthstone as the center stone so that you’ve killed two birds with one stone, as the old saying goes. Since everyone should have a birthstone, why not let this be the focal point of your cocktail ring?

These are three of the timeless pieces every woman should own for her own personal collection. While rings, pendants and necklaces of all kinds do go in and out of style as often as the winds change direction, a string of pearls, a classic cameo and a cocktail ring will always be trendy and a sign of true class. Once you have these pieces you are ready to attend any function from a night at the opera to a coming out party for your local debutantes in high society. Buy them all or add them one at a time, but don’t let your collection suffer without these timeless pieces.

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