Start Your Home Beauty Business With These Simple Steps

On June 15, 2017

There are a million and one ways to start a business from home, but if beauty is your passion, it makes sense to use this as a foundation for a business. Becoming an entrepreneur is no easy task. It takes time and effort to build a successful business, and unless you are 100% committed to your business, it will become increasingly hard to stay motivated.

Long days and late nights soon sap the will to live, and if you are trying to maintain a relationship and family life, the last thing you want to do is spend time and effort on an intensive marketing campaign.
The following ideas are easy to implement and won’t cost you too much to do. Some of them are even fun!

Start a YouTube Channel

Video tutorials are enormously popular, particularly in the beauty niche. You don’t need any specialist equipment to make beauty videos. A digital video camera and some editing software will do just fine. Think about your target customer and create a video that best fits what they are looking for.
For example, if you specialize in makeup, upload video tutorials showing fans to how to create cool looks or use different types of makeup. The more useful and engaging your videos are, the easier it will be to build a subscriber list.


Social Networking

Don’t forget about social networking. Allow 20 minutes per day to write a few tweets, post an update on Facebook, and reply to fans. It is important to be consistent in your content posting schedule. If someone asks a question on Facebook, they won’t expect to wait a week for a reply. Include plenty of visual content related to your business, so before and after photos of a makeover or images of a new hairstyle you created for a client.


Local Networking

Don’t overlook local networking opportunities. Attend networking events and build a client list from people you meet. Everyone, from local business owners to the people living in your neighborhood are going to be interested in beauty treatments, so never miss a chance to promote your work.
Print business cards and brochures so you have something to hand out to new contacts. Use free brochure templates from Spark Adobe to design your own brochures. You can customize your brochures with photos from your business and create a professional looking marketing brochure.


Leaflet Drops

Leaflets are an inexpensive way of targeting people in the local community. It won’t cost much to have a batch of leaflets printed. You can pass them out by hand or pay for a local distribution service.
Word of mouth referrals works a treat for a beauty business. Ask happy customers to tell their friends and post photos on social media. You can even offer them reduced treatments in return for a new customer referral. It is also sensible to offer a loyalty scheme for repeat customers.
Don’t forget that you are your own best advertisement, so never miss an opportunity to look fantastic when you walk out the door.

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